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...I uploaded the 2 measurements at a host now...
Seems to work OK

Small, (close to cube shaped) rooms are a challenge. Nearly all room modes have nulls i the middle of the room.
Unfortunately this is often also close the listening position/ (mic)... huh

Hunecke room mode calculator (Link) can demonstrate that.
Just insert room dimensions and step through the modal frequencies and watch the light areas. (No bass...)

That doesn’t prevent modes to have long decay. REW T60 graph gives an idea. Here the Topt values. At 125 Hz the 1/1 Octave band decaytime is around 1 second! Above 500 Hz around 0.35s. Pic 1

L& R Frequency Response of the Bottom wall loudspeaker (AllSPL tab)
Psy smoothing used to similate ”what it sounds like”. Around 15 dB more Low End would be nice... Pic 2

A lot of bass& low mid trapping is needed to attenuate 53-500 Hz reflections from the room boundaries (Walls, ceiling)
L & R Freq Response with more detail ( 1/24 Oct smoothing) Pic 3

So you have to decide how many, how big and what kind of traps you can build.
Soft or maybe Helmholtz for the rear wall.

IMHO floor to ceiling corner traps in the front and a deep rear wall trap is a good start. Pic 4 sketch
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