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For the past year, I keep coming back to Hairball but haven't pulled the trigger on an assembled one and haven't felt like doing a kit.

Just found a seller on from whom I've bought in the past with a pair for $375 ea.

Figured what the hell - picked one up and will do a shootout between the Gold and the Radial. Can always return the latter if it has build issues or if the Gold is close or better in sound.
Great idea. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you've tried them side by side.

I recently also just finished building a Hairball Lola and quite honestly, it sounds pretty much exactly like the Gold with very subtle differences, most likely due to the fact that both pres utilize the Hardy 990 opamps, even though like the Twin Servo, the Lola has two 990s to the Gold's one. At spoken word volume, you could edit between the two and probably never know the difference even though the Lola's have Neve-ish transformers. However, I think there's a bit more punch with the twin op amp setup that would probably be more apparent with more percussive sources, like drums, where the onset of the transient is more pronounced. Please definitely, share your experiences comparing them after you've had a chance. I'm interested.