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Old 18th September 2019
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I'm back!

So it has been a week or so and I have been learning, measuring, then learning some more and buying new furniture for my studio. The other big table is out and was causing nasty comb filtering in the mid range so I go a smaller one. The other big factor was the listening position within the room which took me a long time and a lot of playing around but I think I found the best spot. I m glad I started this thread as it has taught me loads and everyones help has been much appreciated.

Here are my latest measurements. What do you all think? I am also providing the mdat file and I would appreciate anyones input here. I think there is a huge improvement but I still don't like the dip at around 115hz and the peak that comes shortly thereafter at 180hz. Has the first dip got to do with floor bounce and is there anything I can do about this? Also, how can I figure out what is causing the 180Hz bump? Is the clue in the waterfall plot since this gives us an idea of time?
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