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General heads up -- with any of those kinds of things, be very diligent about the nuts under the pots and switches loosening even a tiny bit. If they do, when you handle them they'll rock back and forth on the PC board they're mounted to and the solder joints will crack.

The highest likelihood of this happening, actually, is with many combo guitar amps because the knobs stick up, not out. And on a gig you're not going to be as delicate as you might be in the studio.
very true!

I learned this lesson "the hard way" when I was modifying and fixing an old Behringer Composer.

I also had an old Symetrix 501 that took a 5 foot dive face down in a rack and mostly survived. Incredible difference in build quality. This is why I like old american gear like the Symetrix, dbx, Rane, and so on. Well OK I'm not sure if they're all american but the ones I had were tight and solid. My dbx 166A is a USA build, I paid $50 or less for the thing.

This is why I am nervous about the behringer gear with plasic shaft pots. The slightest mishap could shear the knob and pot shaft right off the face like a twig.

If I keep this tascam I'm not sure if its going out of the "home studio" or not.

The compressor knobs feel super weak. The gain knobs feel slightly more solid.