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If I was headed somewhere, that wasn't exactly it.

My take on summing is that the important thing is having left and right mix channels that aren't identical. With a digital mix bus printing to a file, the left and right paths are so identical that the center information will be very very very mono. But a stereo signal sent though, let's say, two zeroed-out Pultecs, will have left and right paths with quite a few differences. And if your left and right paths have some old transformers in them, from back when tolerances weren't so tight, your supposedly-mono middle isn't mono at all anymore. You don't need a zillion-channel summing mixer to do that.
I’m glad my misunderstanding provoked your response. I have never thought analog summing through in that way.
Instead of the absolutely perfect digital sum, we get more sloppy analog difference. Our ear usually does get tickled by even a little more difference signal.