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So I am interested in the vintage maker little one 8. I like the idea of having an passive analog summing and using my different pres for different colors. Now my question is before I buy it is this: say I have 12 stereo busses but only 8 outs so 4 stereo outs, is it okay to send multiple busses through each out (IE three busses per each of the 4 outs) will it sound correct or weird?

thanks in advance
Hi dustinkay. Welcome to Gearslutz

The answer to your question is: Yes.

I have 16-channels out from my DAW into the digital-to-analogue converter; this is arranged as 8 stereo channels and these go into a DAV passive mixbus.
Sometimes I need to combine tracks on the output busses, and as Patrick mentions above, I can, for example, send out the guitars and keys on the same stereo channel by sub-mixing them in the DAW first.

I started with just 8 channels out: 4 stereo stems. I had to be a lot more selective, so e.g. bass in with the drums, guitars with keys, and vocals with instrument solos. That kind of limitation can be a wonderful simple, and also easy to get nice clean sub-mix in the DAW before sending to mixbus.

The big downer of just 8 channels is no room for fx returns or fancy stuff but 8 is a good start point.