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What's the latency when using the plugin? I would expect too large for Pro Tools' built-in ADC to handle it, right?

And what is the latency in use between the GUI, the hardware being physically adjusted, and the user hearing the updated setting?

Are sample rate and bit depth limited by one's internet connection speed, or is there an upper limit on your end?

Last, am i correct in assuming the audio is sent and returned in a lossless way?

Good questions Mad Oak! The latency is user selectable from within the plugin - the largest buffer size is 2500ms to accommodate slower internet connections.

We also offer the option to stream at lossless 24/48 or select different amounts of audio compression depending on your internet speeds.

You can choose to render the file offline at full resolution by using the offline processor built into the plugin. Just hit 'arm' then playback the audio so it can be captured at the server. Then when you hit process it will be processed through the hardware and you can drag the file into your session when it's complete.

When using our plugin you will hear the latency of the buffering so if you turn a knob in the plugin and let go, there will be a delay in hearing the resulting audio streaming back to you. For example if you are buffering at 2500 ms then that's the amount of time that will pass before you hear the results.

You are correct our buffering is larger than the Pro Tools ADC, thus you will need to drag a track earlier in the timeline when using our plugin within your session to accommodate the extra delay. This is unique to Pro Tools because all other DAWS let us adjust the buffering inside the DAW. However, in Pro Tools you will not notice the latency when using on the two buss because you are hearing everything equally delayed. We do have a workaround and Avid is currently working on a fix for us, stay tuned!