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Old 18th September 2019
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OK two questions on outputs. As has been mentioned before, the output even with volume maxed is super low. I have to bring the gain up quite a bit on my mixer and when I do I have to engage a gate because it gets so annoying, which I hate to do. Anyone else noticed this? Also, has anyone plugged in headphones? Again, with the headphone volume maxed, it is super quiet to me. I am using Audio-Technica M50X headphones, which have a rather low impedance too. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Trying to sort out if there is an output issue with mine.
I have not noticed the output is low on either output. I was using the headphone out jack and plugging into powered speakers... I did have to turn up my speakers a tiny amount, with the headphone output on max. If I turned it up too high, I noticed I could hear the LFO going in the background.

However, plugging into a mixer with the main audio outs, it is plenty loud with the main volume less than 75%. No noise. I also tried headphones from the headphones out... same. They get too loud for comfort at max.

Maybe there is an issue with yours? I know this sounds dumb, but make sure you don't have the filter mode/cutoff/spacing or delay mix set so that it is unusually quiet.