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Cool! I really like the idea of songwriting competitions and the likes - there seem to be a few which come and go over time. It's great you're involved in them! ^^. I don't know if a maybe-monthly full songwriting contest might be a bit much for me though, i'd find it a much longer task than just laying down some lyrics, especially at the moment as we're pretty neck deep in production of our main project. Either way I think there would be room for both specific and vague propts and seeing what happens ^^

I follow quite a few "writers prompts" style blogs too, which is a little bit what gave me the idea. I guess it's probably because I tend to write lyrics separate to the music - so I don't know if a lyric prompt thing would work as well for those who work with both at the same time? Saying that though, absolutely nothing stopping anyone doing so! Maybe it'd be helpful to those who can bang out a great progression or beat but struggle with the lyrics and toplining? Or just people like me who sometimes like to step outside the studio and production, grab a drink and push out a few lyrics as a semi-separate thing. I guess it's just a matter of if there's enough interest to give it a go
I think such endeavors can be fun and helpful for both the individual and the community that forms around it, but I have to admit I, personally, haven't been involved in such efforts much at all since I disengaged from the aforementioned songwriting forum moderating.

But maybe I should.