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Breakdown of Native Oxide Enables Multifunctional, Free-Form Carbon Nanotube–Metal Hi

...omnidirectional blackbody photoabsorption with the reflectance of 1 × 10–5 over the range from ultraviolet to terahertz region, which is 1 order of magnitude lower than that of any previously reported broadband absorber material. The synergistically incorporated CNT–metal hierarchical architectures offer record-high broadband optical absorption with excellent electrical and structural properties as well as industrial-scale producibility.

...this newfound nanotube structure is the blackest of black materials ever created, absorbing more than 99.996% of any light that touches it.

"Our material is 10 times blacker than anything that's ever been reported," lead study author Brian Wardle, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT,

I suggest, fellow UFO enthusiasts, that we might look for extremely large airborne objects that are blacker than black and are capable of manipulating light; they are most visible at the edges or from an oblique angle whilst the 'craft' is slowly rotating. Look up.

This latest coating/material absorbs visible light by trapping photons in carbon nanotubes with the energy being emitted as heat (or perhaps some advanced electrical configuration). It's even darker than VantaBlack.

A quick coat of this on a studio wall would do wonders for early reflections at 2 octaves above the Schroeder Frequency and maybe beyond that.