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Old 17th September 2019
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Well I record music on a MixPre6M as a studio recorder. It does multitracking effortlessly and has all the features of a stand alone recorder. The only real limitation sonically is the conversion which is a given, with no digital input. The Scorpios supposedly have better preamps but I use my outboard pres for colored sources anyway. The Kashmir ones in the MP series are very quiet and clear, so no worries there. There are also ways to control thru mobile devices and control surfaces.
It can also act as a DAW interface with no latency.

The only drawbacks are work around's since the device has so much packed into a small package. These are easy to figure out with the additional control options. Marking cues, looping, shuttling, etc is greatly facilitated. I personally like a stand alone recorder and this sets up on a music stand and is easy to trigger and work with.

I would love to have a JoeCo or Radar recorder, but honestly the MixPre is very capable of laying down great tracks (and even a rough mix assembly), if needed.
Important to stipulate non pro here, but the film guys I work with swear by them. The M series was specifically developed for music production.