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That’s exactly where it’s going. Check the Sound Devices 833 and Scorpio?
Nah, it's a broadcast show, with a strong foothold in location recording, so traditionally there has always been an "over-representation" of recorders, seen from the angle of studio recording. The SD Scorpio and 833 are nothing but a modernised replacement of their very popular 788T, which has been discontinued last week. I'm from an audio-visual backround myself and thus use recorders for music recording too, but I don't see a move towards recorders in general. Biggest problem is you can't dub with (most) digital recorders because reading and writing at the same time of multiple tracks doesn't work smooth enough with memory cards.

One other point that struck me in the above reports: the Schoeps V4 is not a large diaphragm condenser, but an SDC, placed in a pressure disk. At Schoeps they hate LDCs from the bottom of their heart and it is their manufacturing philosophy to never make one. Know your classics!