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I only record 2 channels at once, and currently use an Apollo Twin MKII Quad.

Upgraded outboard preamps and compressors and want to have better conversion and line inputs that can bypass the Twins preamps.

Option A) keep the twin as my interface and run a Burl B2 ADC via optical

Option B) sell the Twin and buy an Apollo x6 - more inputs than I need, but if the AD is awesome like the Burl, and a better DA than the Twin, it may be worth it (more processing power plugins as well).

Since I really only need 2 inputs at once, not sure what’s the best approach.
The Apollo x6 has better/newer ADC chips than the Burl B2. Specs on the B2's are closer to the Apollo Twin's ADC chip specs. That said, chip specs aren't everything, implementation matters. The Apollo x6 is super transparent, the Burl B2 isn't. It isn't supposed to be, it's euphonic. People like the Burl B2 because it isn't transparent, it adds some analog color, mainly because it has transformers in it.

I have to wonder if anyone can actually hear the difference between -112dB THD+N and -110dB THD+N anyway. They seem not to be able to in blind tests. The sound of the Burl B2's transformers is something you can hear for sure. Depends on if you want transparent or colored.