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Update on the NOS tubes upgrade...

So after going over a few of the options, I went for a GE on the 12BH7 slot and a British Mullard 12AT7 for the output (12AT7 being a good substitute for a 12AX7 because of it's lower gain and higher headroom, for more of an open and dynamic feel).

Track 1 is just a quick and dirty house loop made on my DAW.
Track 2 is the loop going through the KT-2A stock tubes with no compression.
Track 3 is the loop going through the KT-2A with the NOS tubes installed with no compression.
Track 4 is the stock tubes, medium amount of gain and a medium amount of compression.
Track 5 is the NOS tubes, medium gain, medium compression.
Track 6 is the NOS tubes pushed with a little more gain.

The purpose of this was to just demonstrate the tone of the tubes more than anything. The DAW loop already has compression going on, and the subsequent compressed WAVs were more just to see what I could get out of the unit. A scientific test this ain't, but I hope it proves useful for some. IMO the tubes add weight to the low end, tame the top and give me more dynamic range to work with. It's subtle, but it's definitely there.

I'll post something a bit more nuanced once I've got time. I've worked on some stuff since and between this and the 76-KT, it's really helping me fill out my mixes.
I honestly couldn't hear any difference between the nos and stock tubes.