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That's 346,000 listens. in 1990, one single play on a radio station would have gotten three times as many listens and the payment would have been a fraction of a penny.

There's no way a single listen equates to purchase of a single, much less an album.
Just trying to put the numbers into perspective. You have a perspective now correct? Most people have no perspective and just accept the new reality. As someone trying to attract business and set an hourly rate vs a percentage of sales, it’s very bleak for both the small studio and the no name band. I don’t think that’s anything new. I represent maybe the 1st generation of musicians that started building DAW based home studios in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I’m nearing the end of my “real job” and entertaining a small studio for local bands to get their music down. I’m developing a business model based on the current market. It’s not to promising.

Now, I listen to the local radio station in my car which plays local music. Local bands are my potential clients anyways. I gave up on stations in San Antonio long ago. Austin has some better stations that I pick up on random days but I rarely bother to tune in. I stream for casual listening in the house. Most everyone I know, and I’m 45, is streaming. My children definitely stream and they range from 7 to 22. I don’t think streaming is going away and I don’t want it to, but I do feel it needs to be revamped so bands can actually make real money off half a million streams.

Last, I’m not invested in recording financially so that I have to be successful. I can make business decisions based on preference and not on efficiency or grabbing the biggest part of the market I can. I like it that way. I’ve already lost some potential clients because I don’t run Protools or have racks full of 1176’s and La2a’s. I’ve been listening very closely to the apex pros on this thread, and recall matters. I’d be hard pressed to push out 3 mixes in a day with my set up being OTB. That would be a long day and assuming I nailed the mixes. Push them back to me and I’m screwed. No doubt. Not even gonna argue I wouldn't be. I’m not sure I’d enjoy that kind of pressure anyways. And I f-ing excel under pressure in my real job. It’s where I want to be when I go to work.

Sorry for the ramble. This thread has been all over the place and I just dumped.