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Thank you for the constructive criticism of the mix. The drums were a summed stereo mix of the Superior Drummer 3 Midi track. I went back on Sunday night and soloed each SD3 track and recorded their audio to separate tracks, and then added some EQ on the kick on both the low-end and around the 3K range. (I'm not at the DAW, so I don't have the exact numbers.) I turned down the overhead tracks a bit in the mix. I also added a bit more reverb to the vocal. This version certainly sounded better on both my big monitor speakers -- and on my car's stereo. Let me know what you think:
Sorry, but can still barely hear the drums.

Please listen to this track.

Your kick is non existent and the snare is barely audible. Bonham's drums cut right through. And this isn't a fast Zep song. It's slow just like yours. Plus, there's nothing fancy going on here either. It's just a straight beat for the most part.

For some reason, you seem to be against bringing the volume of the drums up. Don't know why. Maybe you're trying to either hide them because you don't like the sound of them or don't like the playing.

Aside from the drums, as you can hear, your mix on everything else is super dry and in your face. Kashmir, not so much.

Big Zep fan here so if you're going for their sound, you have a long way to go mix wise.

Just being honest, as I think you can hear if you listen to Kashmir.