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I'm absolutely not claiming that they aren't being made. I'm saying that they are now being sold only under an exclusive arrangement through another company.

I know that this has happened with the iSK CM-60 now only being sold as a Tascam CM-60. Sometimes there well may be some overlap with older stock iSK mic's still being available while a newer brand has come to market yet once the old stock is gone its gone.

I just did a quick search for the CM-10's and it looks like an earlier variant of the Little Gem without the pad and high pass switches.
The Golden Age mic you mentioned is very different from the Little Gem. The Little Gem doesn't have a pad or high pass filter, and it's capsule construction is different, and the acoustic vents are on the capsules of the Little Gem, not the body. The specs are very different too. The only thing I see in common is the slotted grille you see on a lot of cheaper SDCs.