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So I assume you loved the looks

The guys at Killer Guitar Components can build a custom trem to your specs if you don't like how the others look, I think those guys and the guy at FU Tone started the brass sustain block trend.
Aah, the good old brass sustain block :-) I remember guys inserting them under the tuno-matic bridges my guitar mentor had one on his yamaha sg (just to make the super heavy axe worthy of any real man), as sustain blocks of strat trems, brass nuts, knobs and pickguards. That (with a few months of Gym training) made the guitars sound like......
How much do they charge for the "custom look"? Will that make the trems lighter and allow for better contact with the body? Its not just the looks, you know!! (that was a very non-gearslut question, wasn't it?)

Looooved the looks of the ones on the sites!!!! They will be an embelishment on any striking weapon (sorry, axe )