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There are a majority of very knowledgeable people (including on this forum) who would disagree with your rude statement. You remind me of a current politician who likes to use big words but in reality is just a bag of hot air
And it goes personal. A sure sign that your tank is out of gas. If you believe that saying you are wrong is “rude” I don’t know what to tell you other than “ok, but you are in fact wrong”.

For me to say that much of what people think they know about the science of guitars is pseudo science mythology is not rude either. It means people are misinformed. People have been misinformed on virtually every topic to some degree throughout history. Then we study a topic scientifically and increase oir understanding of the cointerintuitive things that are really happening. How musical instruments actually work is widely accepted as a vastly under-researched area. In part because of the low potential for ROI. The research that has been done frequently references the sparse work that has been done in this field.

And “majority” is a funny way to put it. Can you quantify your “majority”? Of course not because this is all feelings and beliefs on your end. You actually have no way of knowing what the majority of people in the world believe.