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Widely acclaimed tone is due to the player, not the trem. Trem is just a mechanical device to achieve wild vibrations and can be tolerated because their adverse affect on the tone is less important. For a very high-gain, very compressed, delay saturated sound, "voltage" is king. There is no guitar "tone" , ts just how hot an output you get out of the guitar to drive the amp into oblivion. If that the "tone" you want - any trem will do which holds tuning.
In the far away universe of cleaner sound, where tone and dynamics matter and where trems are not used as wildly, and where over-compression is not greatly desired, it is how the vibration of the acoustic circuit is preserved which is important. And there decoupled, multi-part, high maintenance, 1lb monstrosities are not as desirable. In fact many very famous players were known to insert a chunk of wood to block those trems to increase contact between the bridge and the body.
A trem is a mechanical device attached to a restorative force that is highly biased to accept and dissipate energy. So you have now claimed in this thread that a tremolo is a tone sucker and now say tone is all about the player. You contradict yourself sir. Contrarian of the day award goes to: Yuri Kogan.