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Old 17th September 2019
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I run a lot of my sessions from my internal SSD without any issues. My Library (Kontakt files and whatnot) are stored externally. If I had a big enough internal SSD, I’d store everything there.
Thanks for the kind words about my channel and subscribing =)

And for sure running stuff off an internal drive can be fine. I did it for years with zero issues. But it depends one what you’re doing, how large the sessions are and if there are a ton of sample libraries loaded and running.

I talked about it in the speed up your daw video. I was scoring a film and it was killing my computer. 98% of the tracks were sample libraries running in logic. I had Pro Tools running the video footage. I couldn’t play more than a couple seconds without logic crapping out and telling me to die in a fire lol. The session was also getting to be rather large as well. So I moved the session over to one of my external hard drives, reopened it up and all my issues were gone.

But if I was tracking a rock track and most, if not everything is real and not sampled, then yea for sure. Having the session on the internal drive is fine. It always just boils down to what one is doing. Everyone’s needs and situations will be different for sure =)