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Old 17th September 2019
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After a week with the Matriarch I can safely say that, in my typically Italian overly romantic opinion, this synth will be remembered as one of the defining instruments of this decade.

It is the perfect confluence of so many ingredients that were each significant on their own, but that with this particular architecture, with these specific decisions (4 oscillators, the paraphonic modes, the amazing dual filter and those gorgeous sounding delays) just come together into a whole that's exponentially more than its parts.

The thing that hits you immediately is just how glorious the raw sound is - even the simplest patch sounds so rich, deep and lush.

I am finishing up something else and then I am going to try to make a piece with only Matriarch, and only very simple, nearly raw tones, just to see what I can do.

In the meantime, I honestly can't imagine anyone that's into analog synthesizers not to be absolutely blown away by the experience of playing this synth. It is an incredible achievement, even by Moog's standards - I think Bob must be beaming with pride in whatever higher dimension his consciousness might be.

+1 to all of that! The Matriarch is an extraordinary instrument!! Beautiful sounds just flow right out!