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RNC is terrible in the sense of control over the sound, via knobs, connections and so on. But it is one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard in cheap hardware. The designer was able to achieve a massive frequency response up to maybe double rate or so, well above human hearing. Knobs are fiddly and they are awkward to place in racks.

For toms people have told me to use a figure of 8 in between two tom pairs to use less mics.... makes perfect sense to me.

EDIT: Steve Albini (yes, him), uses an RNC in the same way as his GML compressor, it's just a bit less elegant and more specific. If that gives you some idea... jeez! The limitation can actually be a benefit if you're not ready for a GML level of control range. They both still have "wrong" settings though so you have to be attentive to the machine.