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So does staying away from red wine, which I love except for the inflammation it causes.
Most modern "progressive" diseases are due to the consumption of carbohydrates, CVD, T2 diabetes, auto-immune issues such as arthritis, high cholesterol. Stop eating carbs (all carbs including wheat etc) and your supposedly age-related health issues will disappear within 6 months. You will return to your natural weight, blood pressure will normalise - type 2 diabetes will go into regression. Chuck your meds - you won't need them. Stick to good quality fatty cuts of grass fed meat and leafy green veg (no root veg) all cooked in good quality butter and plenty of salt (a must). Modern fruit is just a fructose bomb which will give you a fatty liver - you don't need fruit - green veg has all the vitamin C etc you require. Lookup Ketogenic diets - the immediate health benefits from following such a diet are simply staggering. You'll be able to enjoy red wine on a Keto diet - without side effects. The best bit about a Keto diet is you only need to eat once a day once you're adapted, as you'll never feel hunger - more time for music!