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When someone says that they "finally made peace with death/mortality/existential angst" what the heck does that mean?
It means what it says. It's my life, my personal journey. I'm not asking anyone to understand it.
When you are deeply involved with real spirituality... you do not say things like this.
What is "real" spirituality? Is there an accepted form of "spirituality"? How many people accept that version? Is real spirituality the same for everyone? There seem to be rules. Who says you don't say such things? You? Some Teacher?

Let alone believe in something you can not prove to yourself.
I don't "believe in" anything. Therefore I have nothing to prove to myself.
How ridiculous you sound when you were involved for years in something you say you can not prove yet turn around and say 'prove it to me' (that is not my job)
Nothing I said about my past experiences was about proving anything. That is something you are dealing with.
thats your job and if you do it correctly you might have said 'I have come to grips with my IMmortality.
How does one do the job of living "correctly"? Let me paraphrase back to you what you just said to me:

"If you do the job of living your life correctly, the proper result will be that you come to grips with your immortality".

Now. If you fancy yourself a guru, fine. I fancy myself not one of your followers. Otherwise, I do hope you can hear how you sound to those who are not inside your own head.
I am sorry to hear that you are bitter about your search...
Now THAT is called projection. I did not say I'm bitter. You did.