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So this thread is about ITB/OTB vis. age/stage of life. I think there is still room to create a crossover hardware piece that allows us to do those tweaks on knobs that are, like, 3.5 pixels across on the computer screen. Some kind of hybrid interface.

Or maybe we'll all just go the way of the dinosaur . . .I swear, kids have evolved a new form of opposing thumb - the way they text, hell, I can't do that!
Holy moly! Did we accidentally come back around to the question in the post? Huzzah! I'm not quite at AARP yet but my body has some complaints and I'm starting to get their junk mail lol. I seriously don't know how folks manage to type so quickly on a smart phone screen. My fat fingers cause so many typos i either spend 3x the time fixing something or send a completely auto-spellchecked and unintelligible text.

As I answered earlier I'm ITB because of budget. I'm not doing music production for a living anymore so this is for my own stuff. Would I like a nice console etc? Yep, i do miss the tactile way of tweaking. I always found sounds so much faster. I think because my tech brain didn't get enough time to get in the way of my art/music brain. Turn highs knob up and down till you hear it, done. ITB it's so slow to change that parameter whatever the UI and somehow by the time I get close my mind starts going.. maybe parametric? What Q? Different plug in? Change center freq? ho I should have moved that snare hit 10 samples to the left.. where was i?

OTOH I can stop somewhere in a project. Not have time for weeks to look at it. Sit down open it and be right where I left off.