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First measurement - What to do with it?

Hi everyone!

Now that I have the opportunity to use a room for music production purposes exclusively, I'd like to do some acoustic treatment.

Unfortunately my room is nearly quadratic as it is 308 x 328 x 250 cm, except of one "cut out" in the corner and of course that isn't really big at all (see picture).

I would like to achieve a better sound for mixing and recording vocals.

I did a first measurement (or at least 3 of them, left speaker, right speaker and both together), the mdat-file and some graphs are attached.

Although I'm a total beginner to room acoustics (except reading some stickys and threads in boards or watching youtube), I tried to interpret things a bit:

- small resonance at 55 Hz
- very ugly resonance at 130 Hz (where the wave length fits in the cube/room almost perfect as it's about 266cm)
- the "impulse" graph to me seems, as if there's a lot of flutter echo

Is that correct or am I horribly wrong?

And: What to do now?

Again, my thoughts on this:

- diffusors at the rear wall to reduce/eliminate flutter
- bass traps at the corners of the front wall (on the right side - on the left side right in front of the "cut out" corner)
- maybe helmholtz resonator(?) to kill the 130 Hz resonance

Could that be useful in any way?
What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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