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Its no more ridiculous than playing baseball in there!

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Just filter out everything below 150Hz and your golden!

You two made me laugh :D
I was a bit optimistic, because I know a producer of a famous acapella band and I was in shock when I visited his "studio" in which he even masters the tracks.
He is working in his van with just perforated boards over the walls with some basic insulation and that's it. Furthermore, he uses Alesis Monitor 2 speakers :D
But despite these almost absurd conditions he manages to get things right.
I know such cases are exceptions.
My friend made his studio in a garage of similar dimensions and while I wouldn't say at this stage that it is properly done to master in it, I think with some more treatment and maybe speakers that would better match the room it would be ok. But even now, the sound it quite good and the measurements are also surprisingly good.