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One would need to solve The Hard Problem Of Consciousness first, in order to have a way to scientifically describe the notion of "feelings" in the way you're describing. Simultaneously, we are making quite a bit of progress in identifying the chemical reactions in the brain related to these "feelings", but none of that gets close to describing the experience.

Expressed differently, describing the ways in which the eye and brain interpret the colors red or blue, for instance, is completely different from describing the experience of seeing red or blue. And it is this to which "s_wave" is alluding.

We need to solve the "Hard Problem" first.
Exactly, the 'hard problem' was shuffled under the rug by the other remarks in a snarky (I know everything attitude) - Moving the goal posts. Many people get stale kicks from this type of passive aggressive troll tactic. I do not fall for these cheap sling tricks.

It is like asking a question like; Where does your consciousness come from?... (exploding brain syndrome) - you must delve into hard problems and the theory of of the 'circle' where intelligible energy can travel around into itself... Which has been around for thousands of years.. yet totally ignored by the mainstream science community - yet the wanna be peanut pundits - 'ya but how does that relate to 2+2=4?'

People often shy from a good old rousing discussion or heated debate. I find it invigorating and enlightening on many levels.

A theorist's theorist once said 'Until you come from the stance, or point of view; that all you ever knew might be wrong, you have not stepped into the doorway of wisdom.'

Kepler examplifies this tenfold. Yet, in today's world we see it in the stubborn polarization across the masses reflected in world politics. Some say it is 'invisible political correctness sheeple syndrome'. We need to finish and follow through with these mere small differences of opinions now more than ever?