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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
One that requires him bringing his own amps if he is so picky about them?

You get what you ask for on tour. When touring with Stevie Wonder we brought 3 spares of everything, except Ben Bridges' 1967 Deluxe Reverb amp and the Yamaha grand piano.

That's comparing apples and oranges.

Stevie Wonder is doing consecutive dates with an extensive support staff and transportation.

People like LC are typically doing one-off dates without a support staff separated geographically and chronologically.

For instance Bill Frisell just played Fri/Sat in Austin. Used two rented amplifiers and only brought himself and a small pedal board with a handful of guitars. It's not practical for those performers to tour with backline gear no matter how picky they are about what is available at the gig much less tour with multiples. Granted he was using two Deluxe Reverbs which are easily available in Austin, TX but the concept is the same. They aren't going to board a plane with four Dumbles.

When dealing with Dumble clones I can easily see having to go through a few to find one built by someone who had a clue as to what they were doing. Probably some of the most copied designs that have been built incorrectly that you can find out there. Lots of them look pretty on the outside and are nasty on the inside.