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Because of internet stores there is just soooo much competition, these companies are competing all the time, so they have to come up with new stuff to out do the other guy. They pack everything with so many features these days just to stay on top of the game. These companies have employees, and they have to put these employees to work, so they let them brainstorm about new ideas which are probably not really necessary. They have to stay afloat and current.

I think stuff was good enough up untill the early 2000s, like we actually don't need any more stuff to make good music. Same goes with cars and computers.

It's all about making profit, and that will never change. Cheap labor, cheap parts, maximum profit.

Look at washing machines these days, some are programmed to die after a few years. They have chips that are impossible to reach for any tech so they have to be dumped. So you go and buy a new washer, hopefully of the same brand.