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Long story short my signal won't reach my interface if I go through the DI box into patch bay then interface. Let me tell you what gear i'm using and what I've tried.

Livewire passive DI Box
Behringer PX2000 Patchbay
Studiolive 16.4.2

Now if I plug my guitar into the input of the DI, then take the output of the DI to the output section of the patchbay, then out of the patchbay into the SL I get no signal. The patchbay is half-normalled however, Ive tried other configurations as well.

If I go direct from guitar to DI to Studiolive it works absolutely perfect.

If I plug my guitar into the bottom row of the patch bay then out the back into the DI box then going from DI box directly to my Studiolive it works fine as well.

Essentially when when I put the patchbay in between the DI and the Studiolive it doesn't pass signal. I want to be able to do that so I can patch in other outboard gear before it hits the interface.

The patchbay works fine for all my other gear like compressors and preamps, it just seems it doesn't want to pass my signal after the DI.

I've done continuity tests with a multimeter and it seems like I have continuity through the patchbay from front to back. ie. bottom-row-front to bottom-row-back has continuity and the same for the top section.

Is there something i'm missing? I appreciate any help you can provide. Hopefully my rambling made sense.
The PX2000 is an unbalanced patch pay which is causing a contact failure, what cables have you tried out of the DI?

The Samson S-Patch Plus 48-point Balanced Patchbay may be a good substitute if you find your PX2000 to not be sufficient.

Have you noticed their is sound just before the plug is seated all the way?

A balanced patch bay may help you out so much.