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Old 16th September 2019
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Help choosing a mixer for techno play

I play and compose techno. My current gear is: Roland TR8S, Korg Volca Sample and PO-35 Speak. I don't own a mixer of any kind yet so what would you recommend to buy. It would be for home and live playing and I would like it to have some room for new gear.

I'm a complete beginner but I would like something better than beginner level mixer. Something that I don't need to replace before my synths and all are worth over 2000-3000$. I've heard a lot of good about Mackie's mixers but which one? Price category 100-400$ if possible.

My problem with mixers is that I have no idea what I actually need. Like it seems that all mixers advertise that they have good mic ports etc. and I'm not planning to use even a single microphone. I'm a missing something or looking at wrong kind of mixers?

Then how many channels do I need? I know the TR8S have many outputs but do I need them all in the mixer. If I get few synths more is 8 channels enough or should I go straight for 16 or something?

What are the most important features for a mixer used to play techno?