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Unless you really know what you’re doing and you know exactly what you want, it’s always better to gain stage appropriately to not clip anything and track directly into the box. Then you can compress in the box later. The only really nice hardware compressors that are within your budget are the FMR Audio stuff anyway. I’ve had poor experiences trying the Warm 1176 stuff for tracking snares myself. It wasn’t anywhere near as close as or as flexible as just using a plugin, even stock ones in Logic, Cubase, and Reaper. The warm stuff was actually just noisy as hell.
Right, I was concerned about over-complicating things and getting into an unnecessary mess.

Oh really? I thought the Warm stuff was supposed to be another level than the FMR RNC. It seems to be in a much higher price range, that's for sure. I was considering FMR RNC and / or the Klark comps. Warm seems way too expensive for me anyway and if the FMR stuff is superior then why wouldn't I want to pay less and get more? Hahah.

Regarding Klark though, their 1176 seems to be kinda the same thing as the Warm one but for a fraction of the price. However, from what you're saying it sounds like I would be better off with FMR. Seems like I can get the Klark 1176 and the RNC for around the same kinda price anyway. The Klark LA2A a bit more.

Also, I have read stuff about trying to stay in the analog domain as long as possible before hitting the converters. Is that stuff basically pseudo-science or is there any validity in it?

Also what about using the outboard gear after tracking, in the mix, by sending it out and back in? I see a lot of people doing that, but others saying it is bad because it's not worth the conversion every time. Conflicting stuff!

I know most of this subject is about taste and personal preference, but there must be some factual science behind some of it that gives us some concrete answers, surely?