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Everything can be usable! Your options are limitless. I use hi-pass and low-pass filters when i deem its needed. My ears along with how the original sound source sounds (drums) and the sound i want to print will tell me what i need to use. Same goes for compression, but i leave compression for after its been recorded. Its not needed in 24bit recording. You have too much headroom.

You mean a gate. an expander would still let some low level pass
Thanks for these insights. Interesting. Yeah, I was thinking in a less than ideal room, some low cut at least might be a bit useful, incase any boomy stuff or weird low noises would be bleeding into other tracks.

Also, am I wrong in thinking a gate is just a more extreme version of an expander then? I figured the expander would just reduce unwanted noises, whereas a gate would try to just kill them totally?

Originally Posted by CJ Mastering View Post
Why would you use both, They do the opposite. One makes more dynamic range and one eats it..

There are downward and upward compression also, but anyway us, it will negate, as they are opposites in most cases, just as anything and everything in music production

FYI: Bleed can be good and ca be used for the betterment of the mix.

Or you can do it 1000 other different ways. Its all about how it sounds and what you like.
If that is what gets you to the desired sound, then do it.
Yes I figured that if you expand then compress, you're just reversing what you did, but I wondered if there is a way to expand and push down what you don't want, then compress ONLY the parts you did want (that were not pushed down) to bring those all up and closer together? I was wondering if and how this could be done.

For example, let's imagine you have a snare with a bit of hi-hat bleed in the background and let's say you don't want to embrace the bleed and want it to be eradicated as best possible. Is there a way to use an expander to reduce that bleed further, but then use a compressor after to compress the actual snare sounds without bringing back up the bleed? Would there be a way to set a compressor just to hook onto those louder parts and then compress those?

I understand there's also multi band compression too, but I figured that wouldn't do that job because it is based on focusing on certain frequencies rather than on grabbing onto loud parts and compressing those without bringing up the quiet parts, which is what I am asking. Is there no way of doing this?

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i'm often using expanders and compressors on the way in as i like my signals to be pretty much 'finished' when hitting the tracks - old habit from the analog days...

anyway, if doing so, you better be sure that things are correct! most folks therefore will only apply dynamics during mixdown.

oh, and i'm always using expanders, never any gates!
Interesting. Yeah I was wondering if I could get into a mess trying to over-complicate things.

Any chance of knowing how you use them in conjunction usually?

Also, I have read stuff here and there about trying to keep the audio in the analog domain as long as possible before hitting the converters. Is there any weight to that or is it just pseudo-science?