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It came with a mint PG-200 too, you can't use it while its set to midi - but its not that much of a problem if its not you main controller, you can play it using your main controller hooked to a PC/Daw, then if you want to edit a preset switch the switch over to controller, do your sound design/save the patch, switch it back to midi and carry on regardless. No issue at all. Just a bit of a hindrance, but not much.

I really get Juno 106 vibes from the chorus, it really reminds me of that synth more than anything else - I think it sounds great - a keeper...

I'm not sure if the JX8P is like the JX3P in that regard with switching the midi for the controller?
No, the JX-8P got this side of things spot on - you can use the PG-800 to control it even at the same time as sending it midi sysex!