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I was considering using GIK Acoustics bass traps all over, Tri Corners and the 4 inch panels at all the reflection points. Is 4 inches suffice or should I opt the 6 inch monster traps all over instead?
If you're going with GIK i would reach out to Glenn and see what he recommends. They will help you plan your room, and I've heard nothing but good news about their customer service.

That being said, the bare minimum advised around here would be 4 inches of fiber spaced 4 inches off the wall. This will give you absorbtion down to aroud 200hz and really nothing below. So using just 4 inch panels like that would not be desireable. Its all about matching the correct gfr and fiber depth for your needs. In order to absorb lower it requires fluffy fiber with low gas flow resistivity (gfr) around 2 to 3 feet thick and a considerable ammount of volume, or use many pressure devices to treat low frequencies.