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Originally Posted by robert82 View Post
Therein lies the believers' ace in the hole.

The skeptics' solution is to not even indulge the believer in an argument 100% of the time.
Being able to prove a negative and engaging in a discussion/argument are two different things. I seem to be pretty engaged in this thread at the moment.

If I ask you why you believe in something and you provide an argument based on logic then I would be happy to engage you on your argument. We can talk about your reasoned argument that said thing exists. But that's you arguing it exists, not me proving it doesn't exist.

If you say you believe in that thing despite logic - ie. on faith. Then I have nothing to discuss because logic is my only tool to convince you and your only tool to convince me.

If your belief is based on my inability to prove a negative than I would (hypothetically speaking) conclude that you're a fool or a fraud.