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Here for the gear

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It came with a mint PG-200 too, you can't use it while its set to midi - but its not that much of a problem if its not you main controller, you can play it using your main controller hooked to a PC/Daw, then if you want to edit a preset switch the switch over to controller, do your sound design/save the patch, switch it back to midi and carry on regardless. No issue at all. Just a bit of a hindrance, but not much.

I really get Juno 106 vibes from the chorus, it really reminds me of that synth more than anything else - I think it sounds great - a keeper...

I'm not sure if the JX8P is like the JX3P in that regard with switching the midi for the controller?
This may be of interest to you, obviously requires some modding (I'm sure it used to be cheaper):

There's also a more expensive kiwitechnics mod which adds more functions (and is cheaper than I remembered):

The JX-3P was Roland's first MIDI synth. JX-8P was a couple of years later and AFAIK has full patch editing via SysEx.

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