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Lyrics and Writing Prompts – Any Interest?

So I was curious if there would be any interest in some sort of (maybe monthly?) lyric writing prompt? Not unlike songwriting contests/prompts or standard short-story writers prompts, just with a more lyrics, poetry and text focus without any sort of competitive edge.

It seems like there are a fair few people who struggle with writing lyrics in particular, and plenty of really good advice going around too. I was curious if there would be any interest in something like this, where the inexperienced could get a bit of practice, the experienced could maybe flex a few proverbial muscles in a new theme and lyric writers all around would have a chance to step outside their comfort zone, maybe ask for advice or feedback, generally get a bit of practice in, maybe get inspired – who knows?

The prompts could be just a word, sometimes a line that should be included in your lyrics/poem (ie. “The world holds its breath”), we could be given a song title to interpret how we like, or a general theme to work from. There are so many possibilities!

It wouldn’t have to be a full song text, or even in a song structure. Not genre specific either. It could be a just a verse or hook or even a poem, the focus would be more on the use of language, rhymes, expression etc. No pressure, we can put as much or as little time in as we like. It could be epic, it could be rubbish. No judgement, just a nice way of getting some practice in, seeing how other lyricists interpret themes, getting a feel for other writing styles or just getting inspired by words or prompts, running with it and seeing where it takes you.

Would there be any interest in something like this?