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Here for the gear

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I use Radio Airplay to "test" songs. I presume that the listeners are people, beyond that I don't really care what happens. What I look for is how the numbers move -- is something getting more likes per play than another thing? It's the best way I've found, personally, to get stuff to people who then actually hear it and may respond to it somehow. I don't have any "hits", or anything remotely like that, but I definitely have songs that perform better than other songs. My thought is I'll use this data to determine where to focus my efforts as an artist. It does cost a bit of money, I have a "gold" level membership that comes out to about $300 or so a year (IIRC), but I personally think it's worth it because I can literally write and record a song and have it in front of real people in an afternoon. I even put up stuff that I feel isn't totally "perfect", just to see what sort of reaction I get. Again, these aren't "industry" people, just average listeners. Anyways, that's one way I've found to do DIY market research/testing and to see if a thing I think is cool is cool enough for other people too.
Cool, actually never heard of Radio Airplay before. One question though, if the song has been published in that context, doesn't that undermine the possibility of selling it to someone else?