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Thanks for erasing any lingering doubt I had about having a rational, worthwhile conversation about this with you. You could have simply clarified your point, but you've made it clear you either can't or you simply don't have one.

Unless it really is "if it doesn't grow on trees it's bad for you" - which is quite silly, not to mention severely ignorant. Also water is wet.

Not wasting any more time discussing this with you unless you decide to put down the snarky BS and discuss this intelligently. Not holding my breath about it, frankly.
You don't seem to understand the concept of a heuristic.

You're the one who willfully refuses to parse that "man-made" obviously includes twinkies, margarine and partially hydrogenated crackers but not apples or blackberries. If you don't think that indicates either a complete lack of rationale or, a complete lack of good faith on your part (whether intentional or not) then you don't have a very clear view of yourself.