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Old 15th September 2019
Here for the gear

Nice to have an EQ that can be demoed.
The different architectures might actually be a selling point as it can speed up the workflow.

As far as I understand the description, the filters should be the same between blue and SantaCruz.

Maybe someone from MAAT is reading here and comment on that. Also, I found a few minor bugs when testing the EQ:
  1. the thEQblue manual opens from the plugin (on the homepage the link to the SantaCruzEQ won't work either)
  2. when enabling Oversampling the node and the frequency curve fall apart for high freqeuncies. To reproduce, simply activate oversamping and move a boosting bell filter to 20kHz
  3. when switching to Parallel FF-FB or Parallel LC-Asy a noise burst can occur. To reproduce, boost 15dB @ 50 Hz with a high Q and run some audio (bass line etc) while switching the architecture
  4. when measuring the EQ curves with a dirac pulse (using VST Plugin Analyser) the frequency response for Parallel FF-FB and Parallel LC-Asy architecture look rather broken.

Issues 2 (band 3) and 4 (band 2) can be seen in the attached screenshot.
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Maat SantaCruzEQ (thEQblue with less features but got ride of the Wibu dongle!)-maatsantacruzeq.png