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Guess I should give more detail about my quadraphonic source. You're right... maybe I shouldn't be recording to an ambisonic channel, but into multiple mono with ambisonic headlock panning?

My source is a quadrphonic mixer with CV controlled panning. So audio is 4 mono sources (assigned as L/R/Ls/Rs) with dynamic panning between channels.
Ty to start with your 4 mono sources positioned to taste using a 360 audio sphere panner inserted in each of your 4 mono source tracks, so that your CV controlled panning translates as you intend and monitor in binaural before the encoding into ambisonics for Youtube upload.

Considering your source material, I don´t think you need auto panning when the viewer moves it´s head or uses the rotate view button on the video, just a headlocked mix will be enough, but it all depends on your 360 video.

Give it a try to the DearVR plugin that I recommended earlier, I did something similar and it worked well.

Alternatively, you can also try the Facebook 360 plugins which are free:

If binaural is just what you need, try this free panner as well:

You need to take in consideration that if your mix will be listened on speakers, part of the 360 immersion will be lost, it will be similar to plain multichannel.

If using headphones, the 360 field is kept so it will be a binaural output, even if coming from an ambisonics master.