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Old 15th September 2019
When I first started into business I had to make up a "business plan" which included potential income vs expenses. The first five years we were able to stick to the business plan but things went down hill from there and really went down in 2008. With the rise of DIY and the unprofitably of the music industry in general things went from just OK to ??? We have diversified and diversified over and over again. It is still hard to make a buck and if we break even at the end of a year I am happy. I see in the pages of MIX magazine all the new studios being built, but if you read deeper a lot of these are at educational institutions or home studios for the rich and famous. Not a good time for studio owners due to rising costs and failing to meet income projections due to lack of clients.

The local college just built a 20 million dollar jazz building with a 10 million dollar studio as part of the cost. The studio is used for recordings, for lectures, for concerts, for classes and for meetings. I doubt that if it were not part of the college it would be able to sustain itself in today's world. FWIW.