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Old 15th September 2019
Here for the gear

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The Trident Web Site is at Welcome to Trident Audio Developments
Click on the Console Tab.

There is a comparison chart on that page that lists the price of the 88-16 which is $17,999.00. The 24 is $24,999.99, the 32 is targeted at $29,999.99 but may inch up to $32,000.00. After that, we will offer a 40 and 48 input frame, but they c will require two power supplies, and price is negotiated for those configurations. We will have the final price of the new TriMix Automation for the 88 Series in a couple weeks. It is finished and working well.

Remember, there are options for these consoles. They are:

Optional all VU Meter bridge. Bar graph LED's are standard
Input mic transformers. Lundhal or Trident Custom transformer
Group Output transformers. Lundhal or Trident Custom transformer
Main and Monitor Output transformers for the Master Section. Lundhal or Trident Custom transformer
Automation - Up to 48 Channels - All DAW supported fader, mute, solo, rec/rdy and automation modes are present in this design
I know that's an old thread but there's something strange.

The price listing for a 88-16 is now $29,999 (source trident website)
Correct me if I'm wrong but that's a $12,000 increase, 66% more !

What can justify such a price jump in just 4 years ?!

The 88-16 is now listed the same price the 88-32 was supposed to be...

That's really surprising.