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I agree with you regarding the bassdrum when compared to the TR808. However, the RD-8 bassdrum is no slouch either. It still sounds very good, maybe not exactly like an original 808, but very good in it's own way, and it can be tuned loooowww!!!!!! But yeah, I agree. It is definitely missing the bounce.

Again, that kick, that snare, and that clap in YOUR RD-8 sound absolutely SUPERB!!!! I hope all RD-8s sound like that. I can get my TR808 clap to sound like that if I compress and eq it. However, your RD-8 snare and clap sounds better by default than the snare and clap on either of my two TR808s!!!

I gotta get an RD-8 to compliment the 808s. I'll midi all of these machines up and use them together sequencing the best sounds from each with an MPC! What my TR808s fall short of, the RD-8 will make up for and vice versa.
(I end up using 2 or 3 distortion plugins to get the sound I want, but no eq or compression)

My final verdict on the subject at hand is that the RD8 is a very good sounding interpretation of a classic machine (with some cool new features). At the same time they missed the opportunity to squeeze the last bit of 808 magic into the RD. Maybe because of technical constraints or just time and mullah peace out.

the BD went thru the built-in low pass, pulling down the transient. Perfect for downtempo, EDM.