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Here for the gear
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Firstly, the only way to get good results is to properly treat your room acoustically. No software can completely correct an untreated room. You will only end up with a sweetspot the size of a tic-tac. Secondly, while the strict equilateral triangle thing is more of a guide than an absolute fact, it is best practice to stay as close as possible to it. I would start by using REW to measure your room and find the optimal listening position. Then treat your room as best you can, then use sonarworks for the icing on your cake.

You may not like it, but acoustics is a science with strict rules. If you do not follow them, you are not improving your situation. Only changing from one version of bad to another. Good thing is there are many knowledgabe people on this forum who are happy to help you learn.

Good luck.
I hear you. I know the basics. Thanks. What i really want to know is if Sonarworks reference 4 can take different types of listening position into account when measure? Somebody with experience?