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Here for the gear

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[...]1. Can Sonarworks reference 4 take this type of listening position into account?
1.Is the software only constructed for the optimal listening position (Uniform triangle), or can it handle all types of listening positions?
2. Can you use the software without having the optimal listening position?

For you guys how have the same problem, i would really like to know how you solved this?
I did not solve the problem Jason points out, because I don't have dedicated rooms. Sonarworks Reference optimizes its corrections within its technical capabilities for the listening position you measure at. The better your room is treated and the better you monitoring setup, the more effective its corrections can be. If both are bad, it may not be able to help you much... but my gut feeling is that it won't make things worse either.

IMHO the answers to your questions are "yes", "no" and "yes".