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Something I found very informative, if not very fun: by mistake, I licked off a spoon that had wet cat food on the bottom. No salt. So I reached down and munched a kibble or two. Also no salt. The dog kibble, ditto.

Turns out that if you read the labels, they all do actually have added salt, but in amounts so small that it appears way, way down in the list of ingredients. But still, compared to what we "intelligent" creatures are used to, practically nil.

Might give you pause the next time you're about to toss a sliver of ham in Fido's direction.
I know you weren't trying to be literal per se but ham in fact can be harmful to dogs, and for some breeds fatal. Only the most mindless of idiots thinks food is good or bad for pets in the same ways as people, and shouldn't even be allowed to own a pet (unless you count rocks).

As for salt, again, it's very simple: read the labels. Taste I've found can be at times misleading; I've had things that didn't taste esp salty that turned out to have plenty, and some things which tasted salty actually weren't all that bad.